6 Recruitment Market Trends for 2022

As we start the new year, many of the recent trends we've seen in the recruitment market will continue well into 2022, for this reason our first article is what we think will be the key recruitment trends for the year ahead. January 2022

Despite all that the pandemic has thrown at the economy, the demand for good talent has recovered to record levels.  For those clients wanting to hold on to their star performers, it’s clear that the power lies with candidates – and that employers need to respond to this competitive market to attract and retain talent.  See below for 6 trends that will impact recruitment in 2022.

In conclusion

When candidates are confident of their value, organisations need to take a far more holistic view of what matters to them. Beyond remuneration, candidates are interested in how they will be working just as much as who they are working for. So, how do you measure in terms of flexibility and hybrid working, wellbeing provision and examples of diversity and inclusion? And, can you deliver a candidate experience that, once you’ve attracted the right talent to your organisation, will convince them all the way to joining you?

When the power is in the candidate’s hands they’ll always demand more. The organisations who will be the most successful at hiring and retaining talent will be those are prepared to re-think not only how they recruit – but how their culture and workforce reflects the changing world of work in 2022 and beyond.

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