6 Benefits of Temporary Work

For those looking for a new role, a temporary job can seem like a step backwards. But in fact, there are many benefits to taking on a short term assignments.

If you are not currently working, it’s worth seriously considering temporary assignments for a number of reasons. As well as reducing the time you are out of work between permanent jobs, it can and does open doors into organisations and departments you may not have thought about as a serious long term option before. Here are 6 other reasons to explore temporary assignments.

1. Gain exposure to different companies

Having experience of different organisational cultures, systems and ways of working will make you a more dynamic and well-rounded candidate, helping your chances of hitting the ground running when starting a new role. It also means that when it comes to competency-based interview questions you’ll have a wider range of examples to draw upon.   

2. Improve your CV

Particularly for those with less experience, taking on temporary assignments helps you to build your CV in terms of work experience, skills and knowledge acquired. These can form stepping stones towards future permanent employment. ⠀

3. Gain confidence

If you’ve been out of work for any period or if you’re new to the job market, a temporary assignment can be just what you need, to not only gain important experience, but regain confidence in the world of work. Use this confidence to carry you forward to your next role. 

4. Work out what you want

By its very nature, temporary work does not involve a long-term commitment and so it can be a useful way to work out what you’re looking for from your next position. ⠀

Use your temporary assignments to work out what you enjoy doing, what sort of teams you enjoy working in and what sort of work culture suits you best. This will enable you to confidently approach your search for a new permanent position armed with this knowledge.  

5. Get a foot in the door

During your temporary assignment, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your work ethic, ability to complete tasks, be a reliable team member and company fit. As such, when other opportunities arise in the company you’ll be in a great position to take advantage of your hard work and internal reference when you apply for the role.

6. Demonstrate work ethic

By completing temporary assignments while searching for your perfect permanent role (which can of course take a while) you can show future employers you are committed to your career and development. Gaps on your CV of more than 1 month will often need to be explained and it will reflect favourably on you if you can demonstrate your work ethic by taking temporary work while job searching.

In addition, if you are using a recruitment agency, you might have access to roles that only your consultant knows about. If you can demonstrate your reliability, flexibility and good working attitude to your employment agency, you will be at the top of their mind when a suitable permanent job role comes along. 

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