Aussies and Kiwis in London: Relocation Playbook

Moving to London? This guide is a must-read for Aussies and Kiwis embarking on a new chapter in the UK. Signature Recruitment's insider guide offers a wealth of tips and strategies specifically designed for those aiming to thrive in London's competitive job market. From securing your dream role to acclimating to the city's unique vibe, we cover all you need to kickstart your career journey in London. Ready to turn the bustling streets of London into your career playground? Dive into our guide tailored for the adventurous spirit of Aussies and Kiwis!

Are you an Aussie or Kiwi planning to leap into London’s vibrant job market? Welcome to your playbook tailored specifically for Aussies and Kiwis in London who are seeking to carve out their professional paths in the UK’s dynamic capital.

Welcome to this special blog post, penned by our very own candidate Caitlin Salter, who has navigated the complexities of moving and settling in London not once, but thrice. Moving to London can be both an exhilarating and daunting experience, especially when it comes to navigating the vast job market, finding a place to call home, and making new connections. Drawing from her rich experiences, she offers invaluable advice for professionals embarking on their London journey, especially those connected with Signature Recruitment. Whether you are job hunting, networking, or simply trying to find your feet in this vibrant city, this guide is here to assist.

Job Hunting Strategies

The London job market is immense, offering endless opportunities across various industries. However, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. My strategy was to narrow down the search to industries I was truly passionate about. This focus made the job hunt more manageable and ensured I was applying for roles that genuinely interested me. Working with a good recruiter was pivotal; they not only helped refine my CV but also matched me with roles that aligned with my skills and career aspirations.

Building a Network


Networking for Aussies and Kiwis in London can be intimidating, but it’s a crucial step in establishing both professional and personal connections. I took advantage of industry networking events found on LinkedIn, attending open sessions, and making it a point to introduce myself to speakers and attendees. Many were open to follow-up coffee catchups, which were invaluable for understanding the local industry landscape and making meaningful connections.

Finding the Right Accommodation

Picture of a woman handing over keys to an Aussie woman

For those moving from overseas, leveraging any existing connections is key. A recommendation from a mutual friend can lead to finding a great flatmate or learning about available accommodations. Living close to friends can significantly enhance your living experience in London, making the city feel more like home.

Adapting to the Working Culture


The working culture for Aussies and Kiwis in London can be quite different from what Kiwis are used to. It’s more regimented, but the hardworking ethos of New Zealanders’ is generally well-received. I’m sure it’s the same feel for Aussies. Despite the initial adjustment, including getting used to the commute, the transition was smooth thanks to the welcoming nature of my colleagues.

Discovering London

A picture of the London skyline included the Thames

London is filled with iconic sites, and I always recommend first-time visitors to explore places like the Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge, and take a Thames Riverboat to Greenwich. Don’t miss out on the vibrant markets and eateries in Exmouth Market and Seven Dials.

Preparing for the Move

One piece of advice I’d give to anyone moving to London is to save more than you think you’ll need. The cost of living can be high, especially if you need to pay rent upfront. Also, be prepared for the initial period of settling in to be challenging, but remember, it’s all part of the adventure.


A Bit More About Me

I can’t seem to stay away from London, having moved back for the third time. Before moving, I worked as a journalist and communications advisor in New Zealand. I’m an avid Formula 1 fan and living in London allows me to be closer to the action. Attending the Dutch and Belgian Grand Prix has been among the highlights of my time here, and I look forward to more races in the future.

Moving to a new city, especially one as vast and vibrant as London, is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. By sharing my experiences for Aussies and Kiwis in London, I hope to make that journey a bit easier for others. Whether it’s finding your dream job, making new friends, or simply exploring the city, London has something for everyone. I encourage anyone moving here or currently navigating life in London to share their own stories and tips. Together, we can make this city feel a little more like home.

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