Bristol Women in Business Charter

We are delighted to become a signatory of the Bristol Women in Business Charter!
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The Charter was established by a like-minded group of women in 2019, committed to recognising and supporting organisations that align with and aspire to achieve gender equality and inclusivity for all women in business. The Charter aims to bring about improvements and to showcase pioneering approaches within the business community.

The Charter’s 7 goals:

1.       The promotion and availability of flexible and part-time working, especially at senior levels that attract higher levels of pay and conditions.

2.       A commitment to increase the numbers of women at senior levels and on the board.

3.       Making at least one member of the senior executive team responsible for reporting on gender equality and inclusion.

4.       Encouraging and supporting female employees in lower paid and lower skilled occupations to progress through the organisation, through appropriate training and other on-going support.

5.       A commitment to close the gender pay gap.

6.       A focus on implementing recruitment, appraisal, personal development and promotion processes that are non-discriminatory towards women and are free from unconscious bias.

7.       Supporting women where they are under-represented, through mentoring and women’s networks.


We are looking forward to supporting the aim of the Charter over the coming year in in various ways including:

  • Reviewing our job descriptions to identify areas where a role could support part-time working.
  • Challenge traditional working practices to make it easier to trial and introduce flexible working within our business.
  • Reviewing our recruitment, appraisal, personal development and promotion processes to ensure they are non-discriminatory towards women and are free from unconscious bias.
  • Actively seek out women’s networks and other platforms to advertise job vacancies that help to support women back into the workplace.
  • Develop an in-house mentoring programme or seek out an existing programme which our employees can join to help under-represented women back into the workplace
  • To raise awareness amongst our own staff and encourage them to challenge our own systems and processes if they do not think they reflect the goals of the Charter   

By supporting the Women in Business Charter we aim to create the best possible work place and opportunities for our staff and women in the workplace and in turn hope to influence other businesses to do the same.

Find out more information about The Charter here:

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