Do you have Zoom fatigue?

Whether face to face or virtual nobody likes a meeting for the sake of a meeting. However, whilst working remotely a video meeting is crucial communication between yourself and colleagues, therefore some of you may be taking part in more and more team meetings. We thought it would be beneficial to share five tips to help with video meeting 'fatigue'.

Are your colleagues tired of looking at themselves?

As humans, we’re not used to staring at ourselves as we talk to other people. Self-view can induce anxiety associated with Zoom fatigue as in addition to taking part in an online meeting, we are also worrying about how we look, sound, or what’s going on with the lighting. Therefore, if you think this is causing a problem for any of your team, it makes sense to advise them to turn off the camera feature whenever they can.

Tape a piece of paper or post-it note over your own image

Change the location

After working at home for some time, the kitchen corner seems far less appealing than it used to. Maybe it is time for your team to consider a change of scenery. Switching things up can help with feeling refreshed; even if it’s just moving to a sunny spot by a window. Changing a typical setup can help to beat Zoom fatigue by giving a fresher home-office feeling. Moving to a spot with natural lighting will help with feeling more awake and focused and if your new spot does not have a plain background – think about setting up a branded one on your video platform, then you don’t need to worry!

Set a plain or branded background

Know the tech

One of the most important elements of any video meeting is understanding in advance how a meeting is going to work. Lots of time is wasted trying to work out how to hand over a presentation to others or how to share a document with other attendees. Make sure you are on top of all the available technology before you start the call ensuring you are keeping attendees engaged and not making staff wait around for you.

Set out objectives in advance

It doesn’t take long for one meeting attendee to ask how everyone is doing and before you know it, 45 mins have gone by without the meeting even starting! Too much chatter can cause meetings to go longer than planned. Therefore, it can be helpful in advance to set the objectives in a short email prior to the meeting to clarify who is presenting, who needs to take part and what you are expecting from the meeting. Zoom fatigue thrives off prolonged virtual meetings, so have a plan or agenda prior to starting.

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