Fuelling Better Learning Through Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast's research shows that when a child has a breakfast, they have more energy and can concentrate better in the classroom.

In the United Kingdom, the new school year typically begins in September, and for many families, it can be a hectic time as they shop for school supplies, uniforms and get ready for the first term.

The return to school can also be a welcome relief for those who suffer from food insecurity, especially in the current economy, where a free school meal may be especially important for children from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have access to regular, healthy meals at home.

A recent Good Morning Britain survey revealed one in six parents with children on free school meals in England said their child had gone to bed hungry this summer and almost nine in ten parents with children on free school meals said the summer holidays have been more financially difficult than last year due to the cost-of-living situation.

Support children at risk of hunger

Signature is proud to have supported the charity Magic Breakfast and the crucial role they play by providing healthy breakfasts to children in low income schools.

They work to ensure that no child starts their school day hungry, as a healthy breakfast can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to concentrate and learn in school. The organisation primarily operates in schools with a high percentage of students from low-income backgrounds.

Magic Breakfast supports students by providing nutritious breakfasts, helping to ensure that students have the energy and focus they need to succeed in their studies:

“Having breakfast every morning has real life impacts for children, from achieving better grades to displaying improved behaviour. Breakfast also has genuine effects on communities, helping families and providing a lifeline at a time of uncertainty fuelled by the cost of living crisis.”

We are so happy to support such important work by donating a breakfast for every completed feedback form we receive. We are also grateful to our clients and candidates for taking the time to complete our surveys and help this incredible charity.

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