How to Proactively Job Search

Landing your perfect job is about more than simply uploading your CV to a job site. If you want to find that perfect role you’ve been dreaming of, then it's vital to take a proactive approach to your job search.

We’ve been helping our candidates excel in their job search by sharing some of the most effective strategies for success, covering anything from how to stand out when applying for a role, to your social media presence, and keeping track of your applications.

Want to know how? Read on.  

Do your research

The first thing to do is to establish exactly what you’re looking for in a new role. That means asking yourself what matters to you about work, what sort of company you want to work for, which role is most suited to you, and what kind of culture you’ll thrive in. Do you want to work for an ethically-conscious company, for example? Do you value opportunities for career progression?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start researching companies and roles that match your aspirations. A targeted approach such as this will help you avoid wasting your time and ultimately lead to a better outcome.

Make sure your application is relevant

Before a phone call or face to face meeting with a potential employer, the impression you give is based on the information you provide as part of your application. Your CV and application will be screened for skills and experience that demonstrate your suitability for the opportunities available. Make sure you are showcasing the relevant elements of your experience, skill set and values.

Also, an application or CV littered with spelling mistakes and grammar errors doesn’t only show a lack of writing ability and attention to detail, it shows a lack of care that indicates laziness – not something any employer is looking for. Check and double check before sending.

Check your online presence

After a hiring manager has looked through your CV and application, their next stop will often be your social media. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and aligned with your CV.

Be mindful if you share your personal life in a public domain. You should evaluate your social media accounts to see whether there’s anything you wouldn’t want a future employer to see that you may decide to remove or change settings to ‘private’. The ‘View As’ function in Facebook can help here.

If you’re using an old, unprofessional email address – ‘’ – for example, create a new, professional address, it only takes a few minutes. 

Get organised

Job searches involve sending off lots of applications to a number of different organisations and keeping track of them all can be extremely difficult. To keep on top of this, create a spreadsheet and input details of your applications, the dates you made them, and the submission deadlines. You can then use this spreadsheet to keep track of what stage each application is at and when you should follow up or take further actions.

Correspondence with potential employers can become lost amongst your personal emails if not properly organised. To combat this, consider creating a separate folder for keeping these messages so that you can easily find them and avoid missing any.

Another good idea is to set up job alerts so that relevant new vacancies are sent straight to you, saving you valuable time searching that can instead be used in crafting successful applications.  

Be courteous

Manners and courtesy go a long way. Treat others with respect and grace and you’ll find that the people you encounter on your job search will want to help you. Even if you don’t get the answer you were looking for, the impression you leave could well leave the door open for future opportunities with the same person. So, for example, even if you don’t progress past the interview stage, send a thank you note and don’t burn your bridges. 

Contact the experts

In the same way that you should research companies to work for, you should also research the best recruitment companies to help you in your search. It’s a good idea to work with 1-3 recruitment agents, taking advantage of their market knowledge and expertise. It can be immeasurably helpful to have a partner who can give you advice, guidance, and suggestions in your search. 

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