Leadership Breakfast Series – March 2024

Are you interested in creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace, but are unsure how to achieve this? "Bridging The Gap" builds on the business case for EDI and is designed for senior leaders, managers and supervisors.

Working in partnership with Babbasa, the Bristol team recently spent the morning at St George’s for another informative client workshop.

Exploring themes around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), this session provided leaders and people managers with practical insights for fostering a more inclusive working environment.

The event was hosted by Talent & Inclusion Associate Daniel Palmer. He has spent ten years working in the technology and recruitment spaces, with companies including eBay Group, Salesforce and Freshworks.

Daniel decided to apply his passion for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to better understand how technology can be used to create more equitable outcomes for all.

Through his work at Babbasa, Daniel helps to create and deliver strategies to create more inclusive workforces.

Workshop experience

The workshop was led by Daniel in a collaborative format, with the session broken up with brainstorming and short breakout chats. 

Attendees were encouraged to discuss topics in a judgement-free environment and explore the following questions:

  • What do we mean by EDI?
  • Have you placed enough importance on EDI within your team?
  • What are identifiers?
  • What makes an inclusive leader and am I one?
  • How should I hold myself accountable as a leader?

The seating plan for the morning was organised by sector, creating a great networking opportunity for leaders and managers who experience similar workplace challenges to discuss their approach and expand their knowledge.

Client feedback

All Clients who participated are likely to recommend a Signature workshop, while 100% of attendees found the workshop ‘very useful’.

‘Leaders need to be EDI allies and truly live the values – it is not enough to be ‘nice’ yourself, you should encourage others to be ‘nice’ too.’

To wrap up

Leaving the session, clients were well equipped with the knowledge and resources to ‘Bridge the Gap Between EDI and Inclusive Leadership’. 

“Inclusive leadership extends our thinking beyond assimilation strategies or organisational demography to empowerment and participation of all, by removing obstacles that cause exclusion and marginalisation.” – (Ferdman, 2010; Mor Barak, 2011)

Get in touch

To discuss how EDI considerations relate to your own company’s leadership we invite you to get in touch with our Head of Client Services, Victoria, via EMAIL.

Alternatively, If you or your organisation could benefit from further training with Babbasa, please contact 0117 924 1707 or EMAIL them.

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