Leadership Breakfast Series – May 2024

Managing diversity effectively requires ongoing effort, commitment and a willingness to adapt and learn. It involves creating an environment where all employees feel valued, and able to contribute their unique perspectives.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

C.G. Jung

Unconsciously, we form impressions about individuals we encounter, influenced by factors like gender, race, age, size, height, or disability. These snap judgments stem from our personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, and external influences shaping our perceptions of certain groups.

Consequently, we often misjudge people, treating them unfairly and discriminating against them, whether intentionally or subconsciously. In a professional setting, such biases can have severely detrimental impacts; taking the opportunity to learn, and discuss this further is incredible helpful in taking a proactive approach to diversity in the workplace.

Working in partnership with Crisp Professional Development, the Bristol team recently spent the morning at St George’s for another informative client workshop.

Crisp leadership breakfast
Workshop experience

The workshop was facilitated by Jo Redgrave, EMCC Coach Practitioner and Insights Practitioner.

Attendees were encouraged to discuss topics in a judgement-free environment and explore the following topics:

  • The Legal Context, the Business Case and Moral Case for Diversity 
  • Understanding Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 
  • Unseen Diversity 
  • Understanding Neurodiversity and Neuroinclusion 
  • Menopause in the workplace 
  • Inviting the use of Pronouns a practical step

With attendees sitting in small groups, it created a great networking opportunity for leaders and managers who experience similar workplace challenges to discuss their approach and expand their knowledge.

Crisp Diversity Breakfast
Client feedback

Most Clients who participated at our Signature workshop said they are extremely likely to recommend our workshops to others:

“I found discussing the difference between equality and equity interesting and useful, i.e. just providing the same thing for all staff does not necessarily drive genuine equity. Also there was a lot covered in the discussion on menopause symptoms that I wasn’t aware of and found very useful.”

To wrap up

While forming initial impressions is natural, we must consciously counteract prejudiced tendencies. By acknowledging our inherent biases and actively challenging preconceived notions, we can foster a more equitable and inclusive environment, allowing individuals’ true characters and capabilities to shine through, unobscured by harmful stereotypes.

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