Recent Graduates: How to Utilise a Recruitment Agency

You might have the best CV you possible can, with some excellent content, and still struggle to find the roles that really excite you or get in front of interviewing panels. This is where a recruitment agency can help.

Struggling to find a role right out the gate is common, and a situation lots of recent grads find themselves in. This is where recruitment agencies come in! Recruiters help to fast-track the process, advise you on how to interview successfully, talk you through the process and negotiate on your behalf.

What are the benefits of a recruiter? 

  • You’ll have access to jobs that aren’t even advertised – Most recruitment agencies have partnership with companies which mean the companies will go directly to the recruiter, as opposed to advertising themselves. Recruiters will often send your details to companies that look for people with your skills base also, so you may be being put forward to roles the companies don’t even know they have. 
  • You’ll have professional guidance – Everything from writing your CV, selling yourself, interview preparation and guidance, negotiating salary and paperwork for your first day. They can also let you know about the type of salary you can get or how to pitch yourself. 
  • The process is quicker – As the agency will be able to speed up getting feedback and moving you to the next stage. After when HR teams are left with lots of people to get back to things can feel slow and clunky, an agency usually will get back to you after a day or two.

So that’s what recruiters can do for you, but what can you do to make this relationship is successful? 

How to maintain a successful partnership

Show them you’re a great candidate

Call back quickly if they leave you a message, do what you say you will when you say you will (stick to deadlines), provide documents needed quickly, and always remain polite and communicative.

Stay in touch

Be proactive in your job search and stay in weekly contact with your recruiter. This is important as not only will it update your recruiter so they are always looking for the most relevant opportunities on your behalf, but also when recruiting for a temporary position with a quick turn-around, candidates who are proactively in contact will be first to mind when considering who would be relevant or interested in the role.

It’s also a great way to form a relationship with the person that will be representing you. If they call you, call them back.

Use them to understand the job market

The current market is very competitive, and you can use your recruiter to ensure you’re ahead of the curve as they are at the forefront of understanding any trends.

Take their advice on companies that will suit you

Your recruiter will have most likely been working with their clients for years, and understand their culture inside out. Listen to them and take their advice on cultures that would suit you and environments you could flourish in.

Ask for feedback

Recruiters will see hundred of CVs daily, and will be able to give you a great insight on where this can be improved.

If you are unsure or are struggling with applications, ask your recruiter for any tips and advice they have to improve your CV.

Sometimes there are small changes, such as tweaks to the layout, font, and order of your CV, which can vastly improve its general readability and ability to engage employers who are reviewing it.

Get their support for interviewing

As mentioned above, they know the companies, they know what the employer is looking for and they know how you can impress.

Pick their brains and utilise all the information they give you on what to wear, questions to prepare for and anything you can prepare. They also provide interview feedback to help you develop and grow if you are unsuccessful, so its always worth asking for negative feedback also to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes over and over.

Remember it’s a partnership

You need to work together to get to the end goal, so stay open, friendly and communicative throughout. They will give you good news and bad as you’ll be a part of numerous processes, so accept feedback and support and never feel defensive. They are there for you.

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