Recent Graduates: The Benefits of Temporary Work

Are you a recent grad considering temporary work, but maybe you're not sure if it's the right move for your career? Here we'll go over what makes temporary work a great option.

Leaving university, it can feel like you’re overwhelmed with options. You could travel, you could join a graduate scheme, you could go on to further education or you could find your first role. One option you don’t hear as much about, despite it being a very good option, is to find temporary assignments for a period. 


Below are our top 10 reasons temping could be an excellent step for you.

The pros of temp work

1. It builds experience

Taking on temporary assignments helps you to quickly build your experience, skills and knowledge. Over just a few months you can build experience across different industries, roles and teams. This will enable you to build an excellent CV but also be very beneficial when eventually applying for the dream role.

2. It gives you a chance to try out different roles

By its very nature, temporary work does not involve a long-term commitment and so it can be a useful way to work out what you are looking for from your next position. You can use your temporary assignments to work out what you enjoy doing, what sort of teams you enjoy working in and what sort of work culture suits you best, and go into your search for a new permanent position fully armed.
It can also give you a really good indication of what industries and roles excite you and you’d like to pursue.

Advantages of temporary work

3. It helps build your confidence

You will be meeting lots of different people, learning new systems and understanding different environments. If you have been out of work for any period or if you’re new to the job market, a temporary assignment can be just what you need, to not only gain important experience, but gain in confidence in the world of work too.

It’s also worth bringing food and a water bottle with you if your new office isn’t in a city centre, as there may not be shops accessible.

4. It enables you to build your CV 

Temporary work can do wonders for your CV. It gives you roles and skills to add, plus it gives future employers the opportunity to see that a company they respect has trusted you. Even better, if you have a good relationship with your line manager or agency and can ask them for a reference.

5. It will help you with future interviews

Temporary roles will provide you with more demonstrable examples to use during competency-based interviews around skills learnt in the workplace, including hitting the ground running, team work and systems knowledge. It will also give you confidence dealing with hiring managers and the communication skills needed to impress in an interview setting.

6. It provides flexibility

Temporary work can be tailored to fit your schedule. You can choose to work as many or as few hours as you want, depending on what your needs are. You are the one in control, not just of your schedule, but of what roles you decide to take on. And you have the freedom to try new things whenever you feel like moving on. It could also work before travelling or going into a graduate scheme as its for a short, set period of time.

are temp jobs worth it

Why it’s smart to choose temp work

7. Weekly pay can help with saving and budgeting 

Getting paid weekly is great if you’re looking to make money quickly (to pay for travelling or a deposit) but also if you’re looking to budget effectively in the short term. 

8. It can help avoid gaps in your CV 

If you are out of work or new to work, it can be better in terms of your CV to take temporary work rather than holding out for the perfect permanent position; gaps on your CV of more than one month will always need to be explained, and it will reflect favourably on you if you can demonstrate your work ethic by taking temporary work while job hunting. 

9. It can help you get your foot in the door 

If you are able to prove yourself during your temporary assignment, when other opportunities arise in the company, you’ll have a good chance of taking advantage of the hard work and internal profile that you’ve already created to bag the new role. This then saves the job searching all together. 

10. It is often quick to come by 

Recruitment agencies will work closely with employers to build trust, which in turn means the company will take their guidance on candidates and often interview processes for temporary roles will be either short or non-existent. This means you can gain experience without having to wait weeks and go through a laborious process.



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