Recent Graduates: Where to Look for Jobs  

As a recent grad, where where are the best places to search for jobs? With so many options, we've listed some of the best below.

The job search in itself can feel like a full-time role. It will feel like you’re spending days of your life scrawling job sites, applying for roles and somehow trying to keep track of everything. 

Below are our top tips on where to look to find the best/most appropriate roles.

Where to find jobs

1. Job boards

There are many job boards in the UK for many different industries. The most used by companies are Reed, Indeed and CV library however there are others, which can be most industry-specific. For creative roles you could try Bristol Creative Media, for part-time roles e4s have been found to be really successful and for graduate roles, save the student has great resources. For a full list of available job boards, check out this article for support. 

2. Recruitment Agencies

Agencies can be a great way to find out about jobs without having to spend hours searching job boards. Recruiters will have relationships with certain companies, so it’s always worth signing up with a couple to hear about lots of different roles.
It’s also worth having a good Google of the best recruiter to work with for your industry, as many are tailored to specific areas. For example, Graduate Recruitment Bureau will do graduate programmes and internships, while Signature Recruitment does full time and part-time entry-level roles and temporary roles.
Google reviews will further give you a good indication of how they are to work with. Recruiters search for you and represent you, so it can definitely take out some of the stress.
good places to job search

Good places to look for jobs

3. Social Media

Professional socials such as LinkedIn can be a great way to find jobs as companies will post opportunities. They will also have company pages, so you can look at what they post and what represents them, which will give you a good indication on if you want to work there. Following company Instagram pages is also beneficial, as companies will post their roles on there.

By following companies on LinkedIn and Instagram and commenting on blogs/posts, it can also be a good way to get noticed and stand out, as long as it’s all very professional.

4. Use connections

Don’t be afraid to use your network. This could be university lecturers, family and friends who work within the industry you’re interested in. Often word of mouth means a lot, as good people know good people, so utilising the good word someone will put in for you can get you ahead.

Make sure you ask them lots of questions and pick their brain on how to be successful within the company if pass the interview stage,

best recruiters

5. Reach out to companies you like

Sometimes a more proactive approach can be more successful than waiting to see a company post a job. Have a look at top companies in your industry (or those that are small but seem to match with you ethics wise) and reach out to them via email or LinkedIn.

You can send over a copy of your CV along with a cover letter on why you want to work for them and the types of roles you’d be looking at. Even if they don’t have any requirements currently this will put you in their thoughts for when a role does come live.

Don’t forget to sell yourself, you want them to remember you!  

6. Job Fairs

All universities and lots of city councils will have careers and graduate fairs where companies are invited to come and share information on their business and about potential roles.

This is a good opportunity to learn about companies that take graduates but also speak to people from the company and ask them any questions. This gives you a rare chance to pick the brains of industry professionals and also how to get ahead when it comes to application processes and what they look for.

Make sure you follow up with them (they will usually give you a business card, but if not, jot down their details) to make sure you’re at the forefront of their mind.


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