Recruitment as a Career | Why Work in Recruitment?

Have you considered working in recruitment before? A career in recruitment can be a great choice for those who are interested in a diverse and challenging role.

Recruitment is a vital function in any organisation. It involves finding and attracting the right talent to fill job vacancies, ensuring that the workforce is skilled and capable of driving the company’s success.

But have you ever considered recruitment as a career path for yourself? 

Almost 150,000 people currently work in recruitment consultancy in the UK; it’s a booming industry that attracts people from all backgrounds and, whilst it can be competitive, recruitment can also be hugely rewarding.

Is recruitment a good long term career?

The role is varied, active and challenging – from engaging with clients to get a sense of their business goals, to meeting face-to-face with aspiring candidates. It’s a fast-paced and social job with plenty of benefits, including: 

  • Career development 
  • Earning potential 
  • Varied work week 
  • Flexibility
Choosing a recruitment agency

Choosing a recruitment agency

The number of recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom currently sits at a record high of more than twenty-seven thousand, with an estimated six thousand registering in 2021 alone.

Every recruitment agency is different, which makes it impossible to apply a ‘one size fits all’ model in terms of a career choice.  The differences to look for will include culture, expectations, sector that you would specialise in (and therefore the types of people you will build relationships with), size and geographical reach. 

Signature Recruitment is a privately owned, independent consultancy, dedicated to the recruitment of temporary, contract and permanent Corporate and Professional Services staff across London and Bristol across the following sectors:


At Signature, we strive to impact people’s lives in a positive way by connecting talented individuals with great roles. We only work with people whose values align with our own, and these are:

  • Excellence – do what you say you will and do it well
  • Growth – stay hungry to learn 
  • Enthusiasm – love what you do

Evelin, our Co Founder and Director of our London office, recalls, “When starting my first job in recruitment, I realised very early on, that the more I put in, the more I received back. Not just financial gain, but also growing my skill set as well as achieving multiple promotions.  

“Fast forward to now, and I still really enjoy the fast-paced nature of the role. No two days are the same and it gives me great job satisfaction when candidates and clients are happy with the service I have provided

What do you need to get into recruitment as a career?

“To be a recruiter you need to have great listening skills, an interest in people and tons of tenacity. It also helps to have a great memory and be super organised.” says Sharon, our Co-Founder and Director of the Bristol office. 

Soft skills such as good time-management and excellent communication are also extremely valuable. 

Whilst it may be helpful, there are no qualifications that are absolutely essential to become a recruiter, so long as you are hungry to learn and put in the work.

Recruitment career path

Climbing the ladder in recruitment is as important as it is in any other field.

Abigail from the London office began her career with us five years ago and says, “I started my career at Signature Recruitment as a Client Service Executive, moving my way up to Senior Client Service Executive, Client Partner and then onto Director of Client Services.

“Signature has enabled me to learn some invaluable skills, to make me flourish and grow throughout working here. It’s challenged me and enabled me to learn from each opportunity and I’m looking to continue to grow in my career here and passing over these valuable skills to my team in order for them to reach their potential too.”

Career in recruitment pros and cons

Understanding the pros and cons of a career as a consultant can help you determine if this career is the right choice for you.

There are many reasons why working in recruitment is a great career choice, including getting the chance to put someone in their ideal role, but it may not be right for everybody. Some cons include:

  • Long hours when needed
  • High expectations
  • Targets might not be for everyone

And the pros:

  • Rewards for hard work
  • Uncapped commission
  • The ability to help others

What made you choose recruitment as a career?

Imogen, Bristol’s Senior Client Services Executive got into recruitment whilst she was studying for her degree in psychology. She later specialised into a senior consultant.


“I chose recruitment as I wanted to be in a career in which my hard work was rewarded, and recruitment is great for this. There is both the gratification from working hard to find a candidate a job, but also the financial reward in terms of commission. Plus it’s great being able to talk to people all day.”


What does a recruitment consultant do on a daily basis?

No two days are alike in recruitment, and a recruiter may spend their day browsing job jobs, having team meetings, taking job orders, chatting with clients about what they’re looking for, registering candidates and helping them prepare for job interviews

We followed Victoria, our Head of Client Services, around the Bristol office to show you what her typical day looks like.

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