Leadership Breakfast Series – February 2024

Held on Tuesday morning, this exclusive gathering At St Georges brought together clients from various industries, across Bristol for an insightful session titled "Leading and Letting Go."

Recap of our Bristol client event: Leading and letting go. Honing Leadership Skills.

Held on Tuesday morning, this exclusive gathering At St Georges brought together clients from various industries, across Bristol for an insightful session titled “Leading and Letting Go.”

Developed specifically for company managers, this event was facilitated Shaun Durham from Crisp, an ILM Level 7 and EMCC accredited Executive Coach, certified to use EQi2.0 emotional intelligence profiles.

Attendees were guided through a thought-provoking discussion on navigating the aspects of effective leadership and the art of delegation in the workplace, while empowering teams to excel. 

Crisp event
Key takeaways
  1. Gain insights into the art of effective delegation for increased productivity.
  2. Hone leadership skills which through delegation fosters trust and confidence and cultivates an environment of growth.
  3. Master the art of managing through your Managers.
Event format

Through group activities the session fostered engagement and collaboration among participants. Inspiring them to reflect on the leadership within their own company and consider how they can embody the traits of an efficient manager. 

Clients gathered for an interactive breakout session centred around the theme of ‘superhero managers.’ Participants delved into the qualities that define exceptional leadership and the traits that often combat that. From ineffective communication skills to non-strategic decision-making, attendees shared their insights and experiences, breaking down what makes a ‘superhero manager’. 

Following the breakout session, clients reconvened for a group discussion on the topic ‘why leaders struggle to let go of power’. Drawing on their collective expertise and experiences, participants identified key reasons such as trust issues, feelings of inferiority, and insufficient training. Through open dialogue and exchange of perspectives, attendees gained insights into the challenges faced by leaders when delegating and empowering. 

Client testimonials

Post event feedback from our clients was as follows:

“Enjoyable style of delivery with some useful content and plenty of thoughts to take away and try and put into practice. I run a small business and it was really useful that the session took various sectors and sizes of business into account so that it felt relevant.”

“A good model for how to avoid micromanagement and a way of challenging oneself to “only do what only you can do.”

“It was interesting to hear everyone suffers with the same issues – that in itself is quite interesting and opens another debate on whether it is us as control freaks or there is a lack of buy in/hunger from our teams – or is it a generational thing.”

Leadership breakfast

The session provided the opportunity for Bristol businesses of different industry backgrounds to interact with each other. In attendance were managers of various levels, from company owners to smaller team managers. Kicking off the morning with complimentary pastries and refreshments attendees mingled and took their seats engaging in conversation with fellow leaders, forming new relationships and expanding their network. 

To wrap up

“Leading and Letting Go: The Crucial Role of Effective Leadership in Today’s Workplace.”

By recognising the importance of delegation and empowerment, leaders can adopt a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation within their teams. 

If this topic has resonated with you or relates to your own company’s leadership we invite you to get in touch with our Head of Client Services, Victoria is available via EMAIL to relay the workshop on a call, sharing the slides and information. 

She will also discuss the possibility of attending our next event: ‘Bridging the Gap: EDI training on inclusive leadership’ in partnership with Babassa on the 19th of March. 

Alternatively, book an in depth training session with Shaun via EMAIL.

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