Social Media For Job Hunting

Social media has become an increasingly valuable tool for job hunters, with 41% of employers saying they would be less likely to contact a candidate for an initial interview if they can’t find their profile online.

Looking for a new job can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies, you can increase your chances of success. One tool that can greatly assist you in your job search is social media.

So, how can you make the most of your social media presence to help land your dream job? Which platforms are best for marketing yourself and which are most effective for the time invested?

Using social media to find a job

advantages and disadvantages of using social media during job search

Are you only using your social media to share snaps of your latte art or to scroll through your Instagram feed? If so, you’re doing it wrong. 

Nearly 53 million people, or about 78% of the UK population, are active on social media, so being smart about what you post online and where could help you secure your perfect job.

Advantages of using social media to get a job

Have you ever looked up a prospective employer online before applying for a job advertised? Chances are you viewed their website, checked their Google star rating and then perused their social media to see if they’d be a good fit for you long-term. 

It only makes sense for them to do the same, with most hiring managers looking at your posts, comments, and photos to get a better impression of who you are as a candidate. So, what should you post and where?

Choosing the right social media platforms for your goals
Social media and job search statistics

Facebook isn’t just for fun anymore – in a survey of recruiters and hiring managers conducted by LiveCareer, Facebook came out on top for managing your professional social media presence (74%), followed by LinkedIn (56%) and Instagram (49%).


While Facebook is still king, LinkedIn is the best-known social media platform for professionals. It’s the easiest way to network within your industry and you’ll also get job recommendations based on your interests and the companies you follow, so it’s an excellent way of finding a new role early. 

  • Have a professional photo 
  • Share your last three roles and highlight achievements 
  • Ask colleagues to endorse your skills 
  • Be active – share articles and contribute to the conversation

While Twitter might not be the first site you’d think of using to get a job, it can give prospective employers insight into your personality and interests. Follow accounts that align with your career goals and values and link to other platforms that you’re using professionally in your bio. 

If you come across an interesting article, retweet it and add a line or two of your own.

How social media can hurt your job search

advantages and disadvantages of using social media during job search

Social media is now such a big part of our lives, and it’s pretty much a given that employers are going to look you up online before asking you for an interview, so it’s a good habit to search your name, city and current employer to see what comes up. 

Google yourself

Use Incognito mode so the results won’t be affected by your browsing history and if you’ve made any controversial posts on your social accounts, delete them or tweak your privacy settings. Highlight your accomplishments and qualifications instead. While it can feel uncomfortable promoting yourself online, if you’re looking for a job, now’s not the time for humility. 


Remember that you need to give a positive representation of yourself and your personal brand, but that doesn’t mean your profile should be devoid of personality. It is the unique combination of talent, experience, and personality that employers want to see. Ready to start a new role?


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